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I.T. Solutions
135. E. Main Street
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Monday - Friday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Business Network Setup

Whether you are setting up a new network or doing a system refresh on your current network we can help you make the right choices to make sure you get the equipment and software you need at prices that should save you money. This does NOT mean that we try to get the cheapest equipment possible, this means we help you to size and source all of your hardware and software to meet your needs now and going into the future. Contact us and let’s start doing business together.

Home Network Setup

Do you have multiple computers in the house? Do you have one or more printers that you want to share with all of your computers? Are you thinking about setting up or upgrading your home wireless network? Contact us; we are experts at making technology work for you. It is better if you contact us before you buy your network equipment so we can help you buy equipment that is going to work best for you, but we can help if the equipment is already in place and not working the way you want it to.

Website Design

We will design your website for you using 100% standards compliant HTML and CSS. If you require more complex solutions we are a Microsoft development house and will use Microsoft products to design your database driven solutions. If you require a content management system we will set you up with a Microsoft content management system known as DotNetNuke. We handle all phases of website design, development, and marketing. We help you to market your site with Search Engine Optimization as well as other advanced marketing techniques depending on your needs.

We will ask you to register your own domain name, which requires you to log on to a site like godaddy.com and register your domain. We do this because we strongly believe your domain should belong to you, not I.T. Solutions. We will be more than happy to assist you in this process. You should not research your domain name until you are ready to purchase. Some registrars have been known to purchase researched domain names so that they can raise the price when you come back to buy later.

Some of our websites:

wmfaa.com (designed by I.T. Solutions but maintained by customer)
itsolutionshome.com (this site)

Equipment Installation and Optimization

Are you ready to get a new system? Are you looking to keep your current system, but you want it to work better? Contact us and we can discuss your options. Did you know that computers and routers as delivered from the manufacturer are not optimally configured? Manufacturers set up the hardware in a fashion that is optimal for their bottom line, not in a way that is optimal for you. Contact us and we can help you with your purchasing, installation, and equipment optimization task.

Malware (virus) Removal

Got a nasty malware infection? Contact us we can take care of that for you. Our first step is to make an image of your system drive, malware and all. We do this to guarantee that your system can not come back to you in worse shape than when you dropped it off. We then take the necessary steps to get rid of the malware and optimize your system. The final step is another image backup that we will keep for you just in case your hard drive fails. If your hard drive fails we will be able replace the drive and bring you back to the point in time just before we returned the system to you. We keep this backup for as long as possible, but if we need to free up drive storage the oldest backups will be removed first. If you do not want us to keep this image for you simply let us know and we will not make the second (good) image. We always delete the malware infected image once the system is repaired.

Because you have anti malware software installed, malware authors have to trick you into allowing them to install their programs. You will need to educate yourself on the new social engineering techniques that malware authors are using to trick you into installing their products contact us and we will help you with that.

System Optimization

Did you know that computers and routers as delivered from the manufacturer are not optimally configured? Manufacturers set up the hardware in a fashion that is optimal for their bottom line, not in a way that is optimal for you. From the manufacturer computers are not setup to make backing up your data or your operating system optimally we can help you with that. Contact us and we can help you with your purchasing, installation, and equipment optimization task. We will help you to configure your network equipment for security and then we will help you connect and share your equipment on the network. We will configure your hard drives for optimal performance and backup.

System Preventive Maintenance

What could be involved with preventive maintenance for your computer? Over time your CPU, video card, and power supply fans will get loaded with dust, this will cause those components to run hotter and shorten their life. We recommend opening up the system and clearing all of the dust once every six months.

When replacing a computer system, both business and home users find that the process of migrating their programs and data to the new systems as well as re-installing printer drivers, joining the new systems to the network, etc.. can be a bigger reason NOT to upgrade than the price of the new equipment. Contact us and let us maintain your equipment so that you can replace it when it is convenient for you, not because it failed.

Remote Managed Services

Not sure what you should be doing on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your systems safe and healthy? Contact us; we can help you by logging and remotely and making sure that all of your software is up to date, we will check to see if windows is logging serious errors that could be a warning that your hardware is failing. Is your system crashing randomly? We will analyze your system and determine if you have hardware driver or software incompatibility issues and fix them for you.

Many systems that are infected with malware do have anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed, but the license is expired or the definitions are not up to date. New malware is introduced every day and expired or out of date software makes you more vulnerable.

Data Migration

So you have a brand new system and you want to get all of your data off the old system onto the new one. Contact us; we can help you with that task. Sometimes programs do not play by established rules for saving your data and that can make migrating it very tough. We have a couple of methods that always guarantee that you will not lose any data and most of the time it is FREE except for the cost of our consulting service. We can also help you get all of your hardware device drivers loaded  so that your printers, scanners, web cameras etc… are ready to go on the new system.

Data Backup Plans

One of the most important computing task is backing up your data, computers and hard drives can easily be replaced, but if you don’t backup your data it can be lost forever in the event of a hardware failure. Today there are many methods for backing up your data, choosing the right method for you is very important. Contact us, and with a short interview process we will make a recommendation that fits your needs, of course we will implement the new backup plan if you need our help.

Business Continuity Planning

Do you have a plan to get your business back up and running in case of an emergency? What constitutes an emergency for your business? How quickly do you need your computer systems available to you after an unexpected event? The key to business continuity planning is realizing that unexpected events will happen, but there is no such thing as an unplanned event. You need to have plans in place ahead of time for everything from a server, or that old system in shipping going down, to a natural disaster or a fire. Contact us and let’s get a plan in place now.